Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love is So Sweet

I've been diggin' Ampersands lately, broke out the colored pencils and went to town on this one...

Tied 'em to some favor boxes for my future sis-in-laws bridal shower!  So cute it's makin' me sick...

And, No!  I couldn't stop there.  I took a peak in my favorite fabric store, Gather Here, picked out something I loved as usual and whipped out some tea towels for the Bridal Shower....  
We've got a great combo of fabric here!   Crossing fingers they don't get too dirty...
On Top, we've got "Echo" by Lotta Jansdotter
and on the Bottom, we've got "Raindrops on Posies" by Alexander Henry

Happy Creating

XX 'n Hugs

Friday, January 20, 2012

Felted Slippers - DIY

Recycle a sweater....Make some slippers

It's winter again, but this time I'm prepared!  I'm battling the elements (indoors of course) with a sort of new pair of felted slippers made from a recycled wool sweater.  These bad boys feel great, and I just may never leave the house again!  

1 cup steaming hot cocoa
large handfulls of marshmallows (or you can substitute whipped cream)
an old sweater, made of mostly animal hair, so either wool or cashmere, etc.  
TIP: cotton doesn't work well for felting and if it's a blend, make sure it's no less than 70 % animal hair.  
embroidery floss
cotton fabric
fusible fabric (iron on)
sewing machine

Thanks to Martha Stewart for the fancy directions!  Just a hint, I did have to play with the template a bit to get my accurate foot measurement.  If you need help felting your sweater, click here.
Now for my added cuteness!  

  • I used a turquoise embroidery floss and just did a simple "X" stitch around the top of the slipper.
  • And because I would never remember to check whether one is actually a left or right, I cut out letters out of cotton fabric, making sure the back had the iron on fusing so the fabric wouldn't fray.  
  • I also wanted to keep with the turquoise theme, so I placed the cutout cream fabric on top of a turquoise fabric so the contrasting color would show through.  I then used a blanket stitch to sew the two pieces of fabric to the outside heel of each slipper.  

So grab a cup of steaming hot cocoa, handful of marshmallows, and a good book (I've just finished Room, by Emma Donoghue and can also recommend Blonde, by Joyce Carol Oates!) 

Happy Creating!

XX 'n Hugs

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back on My Sweets - Teensy Tiny Notebooks

I haven't posted recently due to the fact that I've been busy.  Super busy.  If you haven't heard because you live under a rock, or have been mourning the loss of Steve Jobs, or even trying to find a new bank because BOofA intends on sucking your money away slowly but surely, then I don't blame you for not knowing.  

For the past couple of months I've been collaborating with other artists, collecting recipes, artwork, and trying to keep my sanity while putting together a super yummy illustrated recipe book called Back on My Sweets!  100% of the proceeds will benefit the homeless residents of an amazing organization called Back on My Feet.

My fellow Bomf'er volunteer, Josylnn Lee and I have been putting together a fundraising event this Saturday at Lir from 3-6.  There will be raffle prizes, items up for auction, and copies of Back on My Sweets for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.  

So I thought, Andi n Stitch has got to get in on this!  I just finished up 4 designs for 30 something little notebooks (about the size of a business card) to toss in your bag, jot down a note, or to pass along...

Here are the designs:

 And here are the books in action:

 If you can't make it and want to support the cause, then donate to Joslynn's Active Giving Page or buy a Back on My Sweets book!

Happy Creating!  

XX 'n Hugs

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bow Tie - DIY

I'm going to make this short and sweet so as not make you think I enjoy making and then adorning my 'lil nugget in a bow tie.  And yes, his nickname is 'lil nugget, or dude, or just Max.  Just depends on the day.  Check 'em out.  He's a handsome fella if I do say so myself...

Click here for the super easy to do Bow Tie Tutorial.  And of course I got my fabric from Gather Here in Central Square, love that place...  It's always so hard to leave!

Does anyone want to throw a party so Max can wear a fancy bowtie and hit on all the lady pups...   "Are your legs tired, because you've been running through my mind all day!"

Happy Creating...

XX 'n hugs

Monday, September 19, 2011

PBR Art Show

Hey Beer lovers!  I'll be at the PBR Art show this Wed!  Come check out my PBR Beer Bread illustrated recipe.  Lots of other local artists, especially this guy, will be there presenting their work too!  WEEEEEE!  I hope the PBR Beer goggles will be out in full affect!    

Here are the details

Wednesday September 21st 2011
8PM - 11PM
the North Star - 222 Friend St. North End

and most importantly.....FREE ADMISSION!

Happy Creating....

XX n' hugs

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tie Flowers

I love a challenge.  Seriously.  Oh!! she shouts, I have all these extra ugly ties laying around, oh what do I do with them!  Why make Tie Flowers of course!  And to think, I've lived all these years without wearing a Tie Flower!  Oh what a shame.  I can't wait to hear all the compliments tomorrow!  

Click here to see what inspired me

XX 'n Hugs

Happy Creating

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pink Orange Reversible Napkins

Depsite the rain, the sun did peak out for a little bit today and I managed to shoot some good photos of these reversible napkins I whipped out the other day.  Check out my etsy shop for more details and to purchase.  Someone's gotta keep that pretty face of yours clean!

XX 'n hugs

Happy Creating..